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Ernst Neizvestney—carver of Khrushchev's tombstone and sculptor of two massive memorials to Stalin's victims—talks to Peter Thwaites.
I stood before the white-painted iron cross erected last year at the place where the Tsar's family was killed. Nearby they are restoring the mighty tower of a church hitherto used as a museum of atheism. It was the day before Easter. I went inside.
`We decided to tell each other about everything we'd done in our lives we'd been ashamed of,' says Philip. `It was not an easy process but a liberating one.'
Andrew Stallybrass meets the mime artist, Michel Orphelin, who has spent the last ten years portraying St Francis on stage.
I wanted insurance against pain and failure; in other words, I wanted someone to play God to me.
As one of the capitals of the theatre world, some may think that London already has enough theatres.
I am an artist, but you do not necessarily have to have a brush or a pen to express something which can make another person feel great and hopeful. And this natural artistry can grow.
You will see a wall filled with light and colour, the pattern resolving into the vast hand of God giving to humanity the gift of himself.
Like the early Chinese painters, Heaton Cooper sees landscape painting as a means of interpreting the divine spirit. 'I don't monkey around with the mountains,' he told a recent television interviewer.

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