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It was billed as a conference. It was more an experience.
While many struggle with how to survive on too little money, a growing number face the opposite problem: what to do with unprecedented spending power. Richard Griffiths asks himself some hard questions about how he should use his cash.
The Right Revd Richard Chartres is the Bishop of London
Over the last two decades the Maori people of New Zealand have found new confidence through a movement which runs 'language nests' for pre-school children. Mary Lean visited the headquarters of the Kohanga Reo Trust in Wellington to discover what has happened since we last covered the story in May 1991.
Last year the Cambodian government offered an amnesty to Ieng Sary, the leader of a faction of the Khmer Rouge. The issue raised great controversy. We reprint an abridged version of an article in the 'Phnom Penh Post' by the director of Cambodia's Institute of Human Rights, Kassie Neou.
No biterness for husband's muder by a teenager, but call for the government to abandon its neutral stance on family life
`One day I packed my bags and disappeared.
I was not welcome in my mother-in-law's home.
For long years I nurtured my children and protected them from trouble and suffering. Now that my family have grown up, my protective instinct won't lie down.
Jean-Jacques Odier offers a French perspective on an international movement to save the family.

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