01 November 1990
I was not alone in my hurt. The world hurt with me. I withdrew the feminine essence and found myself in a hard, hurting world, filled to the brim with violence and an unending onslaught of barbarism.
For the second time in his life, former Laotian diplomat Tianethone Chantharasy is a political exile. He and his wife Viengxay tell John Bond and Peter Thwaites how they narrowly escaped death.
Western media images of Muslims as threatening only help to further reinforce Islamic rejection of the West.
The fighting in Central America has dragged on for decades. In May 1989 we published a profile of Guatemalan activist Eliezer Cifuentes, who only just escaped a hail of bullets and was forced into exile in Costa Rica. There he struggled with `the tigers of hatred in my heart for the military, whom I blamed for the attempt on my life, and for the US which I felt was backing them'.
Her father, pioneer farmer Gray Leakey, was buried alive with satanic rites by a Mau Mau gang on the slopes of Mount Kenya.