01 May 1990
That ongoing search for the Almighty's word of guidance becomes increasingly the most precious thing in my life, central to all I am and do - though no easier to discover.
In Poland, East Germany and Czechoslovakia, John Williams finds that the 'smiling revolution' was built on an uncompromising search for truth.
Andrew Stallybrass meets the mime artist, Michel Orphelin, who has spent the last ten years portraying St Francis on stage.
At the moment a delicate balance of power prevails. The de Klerk government wields institutional power backed by the defence force and police; the ANC has demonstrated the weight of popular power and forced the government to come to terms with it.

After two days, I saw that it was not enough to read history in books: I had to accept that I was part of it, and identify with the pain and joy of all human beings. I felt much more at peace after that.