01 April 1990
Among my mail a card from India stood out. On its cover was the photograph below, on its envelope a picture of Mahatma Gandhi in prison.
Last year, Sri Lanka topped world tables for the numberof-political-murders per head of population. The Sarvodaya movement - active in a fifth of Sri Lanka's villages - is answering the roots of violence as well as poverty. Jehan Perera explains.
Rilhena lies in the foothills of the mountains, amidst the tea plantations which took away the ancestral village lands. About 100 families live there, cultivating rice.
A multi-million dollar network of graft, involving top policemen and their political mentors: the allegations had been spilling across Australia's front pages and television screens.
It was easier to poke fun at what I didn't believe than to respect everyone's right to a belief, whatever it might be.
A walk with Ove Jensen on his farm in Trossnas, Sweden, will convince you that Swedish farmers are among the most efficient in the world. Encouraged to make the most of the country's harsh climate by Sweden's system of food subsidies, Swedish farms bristle with the latest technology. But Jensen's commitment to producing food doesn't stop at Sweden's borders.