01 August 1989
I met men and women with sore wounds of flesh and spirit, suffered under different regimes: terrible wrongs attributable to the British Raj, to the costly events of Partition and indeed to every government since, right up to Zia's.
Behind every great man there is a public servant. Allan Griffith advised six Australian Prime Ministers on foreign policy. Annabel Miller and John Williams find out what makes a mandarin tick.
Jamaican social worker Carole-Gene Denham constantly has to deal with her country's problems. But she believes that nobody needs to remain a victim. She talks to Judith 'Robo Ukoko.
What an irony that the Chinese People's Republic, established only 40 years ago with considerable popular support, now faces such a popular uprising!
Am I a product of genetics? Circumstances? Upbringing? Or of my own decisions? Probably all four play a part, but I can control my decisions.
The nine million readers of the Japanese paper, Yomiuri, read in June of how another Welsh war veteran was building bridges with Japan.
The exchange took place in the wake of Japan's Recruit corruption scandal and as events in China built up towards the massacre in Tiananmen Square.