01 January 1989
We try to establish our worth through our fullness. Plugging all the gaps becomes an obsession.
'If it were not for Margit Borg Sundman, I would be dead today.'
Every time the shelling began we had to take all the patients to the ground floor, lining their beds up along a dark corridor. On top of this, the wounded kept arriving in ambulances. Nearly all were young men under 30.
When you talk about corruption, people often say: `How can I be honest when everyone else is dishonest?'
A task that's just begun' ran the slogan across the backdrop at the Victoria Palace theatre, London. An unusual theme, you might think, for a 50th anniversary meeting.
In his address, Bishop Wheeler spoke of meeting Frank Buchman, the initiator of Moral Re-Armament, in Oxford in the 1930s. `And, God forgive me, I did not take to the man,' he said. `Looking back, I think this must have been my loss... I began to see things in a different light when I read of the extraordinary achievement of postwar reconciliation brought about by his establishment and labours in the Mountain House at Caux in Switzerland.
As a country with a large proportion of recent immigrants, Australia could have valuable experience for the world in the 21st century.