01 April 1988
In the Jewish law the requirement to love one's neighbour followed a prohibition of hatred and revenge. Jesus stretched its meaning to include not only relations and the people next door, but anyone in need.
Walkerswood, Mitchell's village, has become for many Jamaicans synonymous with development as it should be - communitybased and as self-reliant as possible, minimizing government intervention and reducing `internal' migration to the cities.
The man who takes such an interest in those around him carries each hour the pain and suffering of his six million people.
Since independence from Britain and Egypt 32 years ago, Sudan has seen violence and discrimination between racial and religious groups. This has invited harsh military dictatorships and further deepened the rifts between the Sudanese people.
`Bridge Park' was created and is run by a largely black community, many of whom would once have fitted the stereotype well. What has made it work?