01 June 2001
The Internet is already changing many people's lives, but the IT revolution is only just starting. Should the world be grateful or worried, asks Mike Lowe.
How would you respond to your daughter's murder? Peter and Linda Biehl have found new meaning in life by helping to heal the wounds of the community where she was killed. They talk to Helena Kingwill.
Joanna Giecewicz is an architect and teaches design in the department of architecture of the Warsaw Technical University. She has lived and worked in Vienna and the USA and is a fellow of regional studies at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning in the US.
When Norwegian doctor Sturla Johnson discovered that bribery was tax deductible, he felt he had to do something.
In the 1930s, The Oxford Group, which later became MRA, sparked off a spiritual revival in Scandinavia. In Denmark, as Keld Jørgensen describes in these extracts from his recent booklet*, it led to a people's movement to tackle unemployment.
What difference would it make if people learnt to be leaders at the beginning rather than the end of their careers? Mary Lean finds out.
John Lester, a medical doctor, dispels some of the myths surrounding depression--and looks at some of the issues that would-be carers need to consider.