01 February 2001
Lawrence Fearon describes himself as a 'graduate of the streets'. He examines the issues behind social exclusion--and possible solutions.
Paul Nouwen took a very different path from his famous brother, the devotional writer Henri Nouwen. But they share more than just their roots, discovers Hennie de Pous-de Jonge.
Bill Midgley retired after 20 years with the Newcastle Building Society in 1998, having been CEO and Executive Vice Chairman. Among his present roles, he is Chairman of Durham County Cricket Club. He writes a regular column for 'The Journal', Newcastle upon Tyne.
We journalists are often characterized as rude, invaders of privacy, biased and even dishonest. But for most journalists, most of the time, this is inaccurate. Most simply try to do a good job. We often make mistakes, though we're not always willing to admit or correct them even as we focus on the errors of others, especially politicians.
'Honest conversation' at Nottingham's Partnership Council is a key to urban renewal, Michael Smith discovers:
What makes a society strong? The vitality of its community life, maintains Mike Lowe.
Karen Elliott Greisdorf examines the role of mentoring in youth and job-training in the USA
Peter Everington returns often to 'The Testing of Hearts', a book written amid the tensions of the Holy Land.