01 December 1998
Our growing understanding of the forces of nature, and how to harness them, seems to have placed within our grasp almost anything that the human mind can conceive.
Ann-Lone Uhrenholdt meets people from a wide range of spiritual backgrounds about their search to discover what God wants them to do.
Sophia Swire gave up a high-flying career in the City of London for the sake of illiterate children in Asia. She tells Michael Smith why:
Faustina Starrett is Coordinator of Media Programmes at the North West Institute of Further and Higher Education in Derry, Northern Ireland.
One day the Italian Air Force bombed and strafed his village, Bashagia in Wallo Province. Wudneh's mother and most of his relatives were killed. 'I remember running with the other children to hide in the river banks and the surrounding jungle,' he says. 'I can still see one plane now, which flew particularly low and bombed our house.
Michael Smith reports on an initiative to create jobs in one of Britain's unemployment blackspots:
Canada's churches recently kicked off their response to a worldwide campaign to lift the poorest countries out of their debt abyss. They held a series of workshops, forums and events on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to mark the launching of the Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiative.
Jean Brown eavesdrops on relationship between two 'large souls'-- and comes home to herself.