01 November 1991
As the bandwagon of rights rolls on its way, gratitude is the victim that falls most frequently beneath its wheels.
On the day that her husband was taken hostage in Beirut, Sis Levin went into action. Her 11-month struggle for his release plunged her into controversy. She talks to Mike Brown.
I was not welcome in my mother-in-law's home.
China in the Nineties continues to be a source of fascination and controversy. Some observers concentrate entirely on human-rights issues and the events of Tiananmen Square in 1989. Others speculate on the future international influence of a country with one fifth of the world's population. James Hore-Ruthven recently visited the city of Tangshan, flattened by an earthquake in 1976. He tells one woman's story of suffering and of Rebuilding earthquake city
Kenneth Noble visits a scheme, inspired by the Prince of Wales, that is helping young British people find a sense of purpose in life.