01 June 1991
Only in prayer, asking for that unspeakable, unpronounceable and invisible direction; only by looking for God is it possible to walk the mountain paths.
Once the Vice-President of Yugoslavia, Milovan Djilas became a dissident predicting the crisis of Communism. Leif Hovelsen profiles a man whose writings have had a prophetic touch:
Christians, Muslims and Jews have in the past waged war on each other and thought themselves justified in doing so.
Eastern Europe came a little closer for hundreds of British pupils as a result of a chance encounter between Mariana Zaharieva and school-teacher Howard Grace last summer. Mariana and her husband Angel Zahariev from Bulgaria were attending a conference on `Shaping the New Europe' in Caux, Switzerland, when they met Grace. He had been taking a play he had written to schools around Britain, to encourage sixth-formers to think beyond themselves.
‘The best time of our lives' was how young participants described a six-week training course: `Equipping oneself for a lifetime'. The course was held this spring at Moral Re-Armament's Asia Plateau centre in the spectacular scenery of India's Western Ghats mountain range.