01 March 1991
Bjorn-Ole Austad investigates a Norwegian environmentalist who travelled as far as Samoa in search of: A life without walls
For once we have seen the United Nations act decisively in the way its founders meant it to. The five Permanent Members - USA, USSR, Britain, France and China - have been at one in their approach to a grave international problem.
Last November marked the centenary of Japan's parliamentary system. Yet politics has become a bad word in the country after a series of scandals involving senior politicians.
Pakistan's opposition leader and former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, greets Dr Charis Waddy at the launching of the third edition of Dr Waddy's book, The Muslim Mind. Also present were the Pakistan High Commissioner, Dr Humayun Khan, as well as academics, university lecturers, community leaders and representatives of Britain's 1.8 million Muslim population.
Rajmohan caused a national stir in November 1989 when he decided to stand in India's elections.