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As Hong Kong returns to China, she has more than business acumen to offer, maintains Leung Siu-Wai.
Another major global UN conference - this time on cities - has taken place in Istanbul.
Through creating a meaningful avenue of self-expression, Johnson says, teenagers learn how to direct themselves; and one of the most important goals of BTA is to restore young Black men's sense of a positive self-image.
This time, the South is addressing its own problems - and its conclusions, launched this month in Caracas, are refreshingly honest.
Rilhena lies in the foothills of the mountains, amidst the tea plantations which took away the ancestral village lands. About 100 families live there, cultivating rice.
Mulugeta Asseratte spent nine years in jail as a political prisoner - and then met the man who had killed his father.By Michael Smith
Eorann arrived right in the middle of solemn celebrations held in London to mark the birth of the `five billionth baby'. But, naturally, nobody knows precisely when - or where - that epochmaking child was born.