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Bjørn Ole Austad meets Monsignor Victor Grech, the Director of Caritas Malta, a priest who feels the pain of those in difficulties—and puts others to work to help them.
Jehan Perera works with civic organizations and through the media in Sri Lanka to promote peace and human rights.
Five weeks in a refugee camp in Western Ethiopia shattered Fiona Leggat's stereotypes.
In this new feature, we shall report on developments since our publication of a major story.
Sophia Swire gave up a high-flying career in the City of London for the sake of illiterate children in Asia. She tells Michael Smith why:
Why does Herefordshire farmer Chris Evans organize a conference on ethics in business and industry half way up a Swiss mountain each year? The most tangible and obvious reason was summed up well by the first speaker at this year's Caux Conference for Business and Industry (CCBI).
Britain, where more people are living longer and alone than ever before, may need up to 4 million new houses, prompting fears of rural destruction. But what about renovating existing housing stock? Michael Smith finds out how Birmingham's largest housing estate is being rescued from urban decay.
As India celebrates 50 years of freedom, Michael Smith observes her economic reforms.
Over a billion people in the developing countries suffer from the burden of debt repayments to the West. Will our governments take the opportunity of the new Millenium to cancel these debts?
Liberian peace-worker Samuel Doe describes how an encounter with a starving child changed the course of his life.