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Daniel Mottu lives in Geneva and was President of the Swiss Foundation for MRA from 1977-1987.
As India celebrates 50 years of freedom, Michael Smith observes her economic reforms.
Jamaican trade union leader Eddie Bailey is not afraid to stand up for what he believes - although it nearly cost him his life.
He tells his story to Martin Henry.
Jones Santos Neves of Brazil has no time for nepotism, corruption or state monopolies. Peter Hintzen talks to an industrialist and politician who believes in honesty in public life.
This time, the South is addressing its own problems - and its conclusions, launched this month in Caracas, are refreshingly honest.
A multi-million dollar network of graft, involving top policemen and their political mentors: the allegations had been spilling across Australia's front pages and television screens.
`We members of the public are tired of sitting back and expecting the politicians to do everything. It's up to us Queenslanders to do something as well.'
A string of scandals have gained international limelight, backed up by strong sub-plots of take-over crookery and insider-dealing.
Despite Hong Kong's remarkable achievements in other fields, no administration had succeeded in efforts to deal with the corruption that thrived in its crowded streets and harbours. Anti-corruption drives were launched in 1897, 1948 and 1959. Yet by 1970, 70 per cent of news stories about Hong Kong in the British press concerned corrupt practices.
When you talk about corruption, people often say: `How can I be honest when everyone else is dishonest?'