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Good governance starts with individuals, discovers Paul Williams.
When Norwegian doctor Sturla Johnson discovered that bribery was tax deductible, he felt he had to do something.
Norway's former Minister of International Development and Human Rights, Hilde Frafjord Johnson, tells Jens Jonathan Wilhelmsen about her country's response to the international debt crisis.
An all-African conference on how to combat corruption and bring reconciliation to a war-torn continent, organized by MRA, took place in Tanzania in May.
Michael Smith meets the man behind an international move to outlaw bribery
Paul Williams attends an inter-generational conversation on ethics for the next century.
It's not just the ethereal scenery that brings people from conflict areas to Caux in Switzerland. Mary Lean takes part in a remarkable meeting of hearts.
The conference was opened by Julius Khakula, the Chairman of MRA, Kenya. 'For Africa, the 19th century was a period of assault by external forces and confusion,' he told participants from 12 African countries. 'The 20th century has been a period of awakening.
Jacky Brandt is 'not like other bosses'.
'Corruption is not so much the fruit of poverty and underdevelopment as the sustainer of these conditions, and this is one side of its pernicious nature,' argues Daniel Dommel.