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Jean-Jacques Odier offers a French perspective on an international movement to save the family.
I became disillusioned. When I left the classroom and saw the other side of the education system, I felt that I was on my own. I saw political in-fighting.
The doctors made it clear that their choice would be not to continue treatment. Although we felt extremely vulnerable, we felt that we had to talk to Anthony himself and let him decide his future.
Several failed attempts to buy a house turned out to be a blessing in disguise when Sheila and Jasper Shotts from Humberside, England, got a strong urge to go to help in Romania. Sheila is a nurse and Jasper is a social worker. After seeing TV pictures of Romanian children's homes they felt that their skills could be of use.
As more marriages break up than ever before, children pay the price. Michael Smith asks what can be done - and meets people who have mounted an international move to save the family.
In a child's first six years, it develops two thirds of its adult intelligence. Elizabeth Bradburn is an expert on this all important stage of education. Paul Williams tells her story.
This little being who consumes most of my time and energy has not only changed my priorities but has also unknowingly changed me as a person.
I refused to consider divorce - partly due to my pride, but largely due to my faith. I suspected that God saw things differently from me, that it was worth hanging in. It was.
As we've worked through many experiences, I've jotted down for myself some rules of thumb.
Using a combination of evangelism and practical business sense, the Perkins are nurturing a 'can do' attitude in eight blocks around their home.