Volume 4 Number 7
Vocation Rediscovered
01 July 1991

I became disillusioned. When I left the classroom and saw the other side of the education system, I felt that I was on my own. I saw political in-fighting.

The following week I found myself talking to a group of teachers in a private school on extensions to the curriculum. For the first 20 minutes they had the `so what's new?' look. Gradually I moved the topic towards the moral dilemmas and the joys I had encountered as a teacher. Again the lecture extended to two hours and became an open discussion. I felt a sudden rush to my heart. It was beating so fast. There was such vibrant energy and motivation in me and them. I felt as if God was giving me healing deep inside.

No sooner had I got back to the US when my parents whisked me off for two months in Europe. Another chance to get my mind off education. But in Switzerland my father took me to the Moral Re-Armament centre at Caux. One day over lunch, a man said that wherever we were we could make a difference in the world. His words continued echoing within me.

I don't know what my next venture will be, but I do know that there is much more to education than the curriculum. We educators must promote dignity, hope and global awareness not only in children but in parents, board members, other educators and - above all - in ourselves.

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