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Business ethics
Indian historian Rajmohan Gandhi spoke on 'Money, Globalization and Equality' during the Caux conference for Business and Industry. We print extracts:
Michael Smith reports on India's information technology revolution which has turned the nation into a 'software superpower':
At 18, Paul Gundersen was risking his life for his country, Finland; at 55 he was haggling with bureaucrats behind the Iron Curtain. It was in Caux that he made the choices which formed his business philosophy, he tells Mary Lean.
Over 165,000 people in developing countries found work in 1998, thanks to David Bussau and his organization. John Williams meets a man who knows how to help people to help themselves.
Michael Smith meets the man behind an international move to outlaw bribery
Why does Herefordshire farmer Chris Evans organize a conference on ethics in business and industry half way up a Swiss mountain each year? The most tangible and obvious reason was summed up well by the first speaker at this year's Caux Conference for Business and Industry (CCBI).
Jacky Brandt is 'not like other bosses'.
French businessman Jean Fayet has never jibbed at taking risks. He talks to Michael Smith about conscience, cars and the economic crisis in Asia:
Australia's human rights record would greatly inhibit our role in the Asia-Pacific region. 'We need to go into the region with clean hands.'
Indian businessman Farhad Forbes packed his bags in California's Silicon Valley and returned to serve his own country. Now his company is meeting the challenges of India's economic reforms.