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Business ethics
For weeks the collapse of the Houston energy giant, Enron, competed with the war on terror for headlines.
The annual Worldaware Business Awards in London celebrate outstanding enterprise initiatives that benefit economic development in Third World countries. Michael Smith reports:
The aim of Entrepreneurs Associates (EA) is to ‘kick-start a process of social change through entrepreneurship’ and to create stability in Nagaland.
Bernard Margueritte, a French journalist living in Poland and President of the International Communications Forum, reflects on what he heard at a recent meeting of business leaders.
Good governance starts with individuals, discovers Paul Williams.
John J Maresca is President of the Business-Humanitarian Forum Association, based in Geneva. He is a former US ambassador and business executive. This article is based on a talk he gave in Caux and a paper he wrote in The Washington Quarterly.
Joanna Giecewicz is an architect and teaches design in the department of architecture of the Warsaw Technical University. She has lived and worked in Vienna and the USA and is a fellow of regional studies at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning in the US.
Since we last wrote about Walkerswood, Jamaica, in 1994, its cottage industry has burgeoned into a company with a £2 million turnover. Mary Lean reports, and (below) visits its London showcase, Bamboula restaurant in Brixton.
Paul Nouwen took a very different path from his famous brother, the devotional writer Henri Nouwen. But they share more than just their roots, discovers Hennie de Pous-de Jonge.
Globalization has become the defining issue for the new century, and big business is not unaware of its social, ethical and global responsibilities.