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José Carlos Léon Vargas looks back on nine months in Asia with an unusual training programme.
Young people are flocking to Asia for leadership training. Laura Boobbyer went too.
Edward Peters accompanies Rajmohan and Usha Gandhi on a speaking tour of Britain.
Does hatred have to be passed on from one generation to the next?
English musician Kathleen Johnson Dodds talks to Ann Rignall about song-writing, India and Renewal Arts
When Lee Jaeku was five he started training in Tae Kwon Do.
Kenneth Noble looks at the importance of the Earth’s Biodiversity and, first, meets two daring artists who aim to let nature speak for herself.
Charis Waddy joins Indian historian Rajmohan Gandhi on a journey through the history, pain and hope of his subcontinent.
Jehan Perera works with civic organizations and through the media in Sri Lanka to promote peace and human rights.
Sophia Swire gave up a high-flying career in the City of London for the sake of illiterate children in Asia. She tells Michael Smith why: