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Australian Harry Nesbitt had to contend with danger and hardship in his bid to rebuild the base of Cambodia's shattered agriculture, writes Brad Collis.
Alan Channer meets Fran├žois Ponchaud, the Catholic priest who brought the Cambodian genocide to the attention of the world.
The question facing Cambodia today is: How do you deal with the remnants of a regime which turned the country into the killing fields and now says 'We have defected'?
Last year the Cambodian government offered an amnesty to Ieng Sary, the leader of a faction of the Khmer Rouge. The issue raised great controversy. We reprint an abridged version of an article in the 'Phnom Penh Post' by the director of Cambodia's Institute of Human Rights, Kassie Neou.
As the Cambodian peace plan swings into action, a survivor of Pol Pot's terror talks to Mike Brown about justice and forgiveness.
Apart from Phnom Penh, more Cambodians live in Site 2, a refugee camp just inside the Thai border, than in any other settlement in the world.