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Paige Chargois travelled to West Africa for a meeting between the descendants of those who bought and sold Africans and the descendants of those they shipped to the Americas.
Alan Channer joins people of many faiths and traditions at an ecological symposium in the Chateau de Klingenthal, France
Martin Henry is a communications consultant and a lecturer in Communication at the University of Technology, Jamaica.
An international group, with experience of facilitating change in their societies, spent a week in April in Israel and Palestine, at the invitation of people who had participated in MRA conferences in Caux, Switzerland.
An all-African conference on how to combat corruption and bring reconciliation to a war-torn continent, organized by MRA, took place in Tanzania in May.
Mahatma Gandhi once said that 'the sole aim of journalism should be service'. Many see the aims of today's newspaper moguls as increased profit margins and political influence.
An international media forum in Sydney discusses the media's freedom of press versus responsibility to society.
The visit attracted extensive press coverage.
Michael Brown reports on a month sent in a conference centre half way up a Swiss mountain, where people from many countries gathered to `free the forces of change'.
Fifty years ago this month a large English country house became a centre where people could find new aims and motivation. Kenneth Noble reports: