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For the last three years, western Christians have been retracing the steps of the first Crusaders--with a message of peace and repentance. Christy Risser explains:
As the countdown clocks tick their way towards the year 2000, Mary Lean looks at plans to mark a global rite of passage.
Norwegian Resistance veteran Leif Hovelsen travels to Germany to try and make peace with his former Nazi jailer.
Last year Australians were shaken by the report of a national investigation into the policy of removing Aboriginal children from their families.
At one week old, Avis was taken away from her mother by the Aboriginal Protection Board to be brought up by the United Aborigines' Mission at the Colebrook Home, some 500 miles away in Adelaide.
Australians have grown up believing that Aborigines were altruistically taken out of wretched conditions, to be offered the immense benefits of white society. Now a National Inquiry was describing the practice in terms of a horrifying crime.
Public apology, an empty gesture or the creation of trust?
Yusuf Al-Azhari spent six years in solitary confinement as a political prisoner. Now he is helping to bring Somalia's warlords together. Michael Smith tells his story:
Because Japan has thought only about her own peace, values such as freedom, justice and order, which can be shared with other countries, have become secondary.
Japan was an insignificant island nation in the Far East until she won the wars against China (1894-5) and Russia (1904-5). Then she began to be counted as one of the major world powers.