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New Zealand
For the first time I recognised my addiction, the constant habit of blaming myself because of my inadequacies.
Michael Smith reports a farmers’ dialogue on tackling poverty
Alan Channer's visit to India for an environmental and cultural festival launched him on an inner journey.
Joanna Grigg meets Alan Porteous a New Zealand climatologist who, not content just to predict weather patterns, is promoting a bid to save a precious part of India's natural heritage.
The Government of New Zealand has taken the unheard of step of apologizing to the Maori people--and beginning to redress their grievances. The architect of this process, Attorney General Sir Douglas Graham, spoke at the Agenda for Reconciliation conference in Caux in August. Mary Lean met him afterwards.
Current farming controversies give food for thought to Joanna Grigg, a New Zealand hill-country farmer.
New Zealand's Race Relations Conciliator, Rajen Prasad, has thrived amid cultural diversity from an early age. Joanna Grigg discovers that he is
Over the last two decades the Maori people of New Zealand have found new confidence through a movement which runs 'language nests' for pre-school children. Mary Lean visited the headquarters of the Kohanga Reo Trust in Wellington to discover what has happened since we last covered the story in May 1991.
New Zealand balances on the edge of old-fashioned maps. But its Maori people can teach the world a thing or two about rediscovering cultural pride and identity. Edward and Elisabeth Peters investigate a renaissance nurtured in 600 pre-schools.
Joan Holland looks at the issues raised by the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi. Signed by New Zealand's Maori and whites in 1840, the treaty has never been fully honoured.