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Rajmohan caused a national stir in November 1989 when he decided to stand in India's elections.
Pakistan's opposition leader and former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, greets Dr Charis Waddy at the launching of the third edition of Dr Waddy's book, The Muslim Mind. Also present were the Pakistan High Commissioner, Dr Humayun Khan, as well as academics, university lecturers, community leaders and representatives of Britain's 1.8 million Muslim population.
Bjorn-Ole Austad investigates a Norwegian environmentalist who travelled as far as Samoa in search of: A life without walls
When a Turkish editor was recovering from bullet wounds, he reached out a hand of friendship to the student (by then in jail) who had shot him.
Her father, pioneer farmer Gray Leakey, was buried alive with satanic rites by a Mau Mau gang on the slopes of Mount Kenya.
Reviewed by Charis Waddy, author of `The Muslim Mind'.
Through no fault of its authors, Survival in our own land overran its publication deadline. But when it appeared last year it was a historic event in itself - and an immediate best-seller.
Gandhi has provided a splendid tour de force of aspects of Muslim, mainly political, thinking during a crucial period of the sub-continent's history.
Garth Lean's biography of Frank Buchman (1878 - 1961) is an extraordinary achievement. One marvels, for one thing, at the breadth of research that has been undertaken and at the wealth of facts and details now neatly marshalled in the book's 45 chapters, narrated in crisp, precise language.
Reconciliation in Zimbabwe' was the headline the Bern daily Der Bund gave its report on the launching of the German version of Alec Smith's book Now I call him brother.