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‘There is a palpable crisis of governance in many developing countries,’ said Prabhat Kumar, the Director of an independent Centre for Governance in India and former Governor of Jharkand State
Poland’s decision to join the European Union has been a subject of hot debate in schools and universities,writes Joanna Margueritte.
Joanna Giecewicz is an architect and teaches design in the department of architecture of the Warsaw Technical University. She has lived and worked in Vienna and the USA and is a fellow of regional studies at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning in the US.
Mike Lowe revisits Poland, ten years after its return to democracy.
The Jewish community in Poland almost died out after World War II. Milowit Kuninski explores the reconciliation that has made a rebirth possible.
French journalist Bernard Margueritte has reported on East Europe from Poland for over 20 years.
Six members of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), one of President Walesa's Secretaries of State and local leaders from Gdansk, Lodz and Kielce were among those attending a seminar in Oslo on the theme `moral and spiritual foundations of democracy and the structures that make it work' earlier this summer.
Polish exile Aniela Stepan and her husband Olgierd tell their story to Michael Smith.
Polish journalist Boguslaw Chrabota is a spokesman for the Krakow Industrial Society. He writes:
As a crowning insult the local party committee routed a railway branch line straight across the Potoclcis' front lawn.