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Jean Brown meets the women who are standing up for peace in a clean Africa.
At the end of last year, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) brought out a sobering report. For every child in the world today who enjoys the security of home, school, healthcare and regular meals, one does not.
Amina Dikedi tells Mary Lean about the people who give her hope for Africa.
Junaid Moosa took part in the latest Clean Africa Campaign leadership training programme in S Africa.
The question on many lips, however, is why has it taken so long?
Neichu Angami describes a young man's fight against addiction and his campaign to help HIV/Aids sufferers.
As always, the conferences in Caux were graced by the performances of several richly talented artists. Among them was American song-writer and guitarist Scott Christopher Murray. He told his story to John Williams.