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Australia will celebrate the Millennium with a cocktail of hope spiked with a potent brew of insecurity and Mike Brown
Lois O'Donoghue, one of Australia's best known public figures, did not know her mother until she was 35. Mike Brown tells the story of her extraordinary life.
An international media forum in Sydney discusses the media's freedom of press versus responsibility to society.
Possibly Australia's most unconventional priest, John Smith is increasingly taking his message to his country's centres of power. He and his wife, Glena, talk to John Bond.
‘The best time of our lives' was how young participants described a six-week training course: `Equipping oneself for a lifetime'. The course was held this spring at Moral Re-Armament's Asia Plateau centre in the spectacular scenery of India's Western Ghats mountain range.
A multi-million dollar network of graft, involving top policemen and their political mentors: the allegations had been spilling across Australia's front pages and television screens.
`We members of the public are tired of sitting back and expecting the politicians to do everything. It's up to us Queenslanders to do something as well.'
Australia's Minister of Justice, Senator Michael Tate, outlined some of the problems posed by environmental degradation, by warfare and by attitudes towards embryo research and abortion.
Through no fault of its authors, Survival in our own land overran its publication deadline. But when it appeared last year it was a historic event in itself - and an immediate best-seller.
Behind every great man there is a public servant. Allan Griffith advised six Australian Prime Ministers on foreign policy. Annabel Miller and John Williams find out what makes a mandarin tick.