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Training programmes
Yet Wais, an ethnic Somali of Dutch nationality, was snapped up as a driver within three days of his arrival.
I longed for the disciplined clear thinking mind that leads to a simple life. As it's been said: 'Don't just do something. Sit there.'
A remarkable series of courses is helping Taiwanese parents to cope better with their children—and their own lives. Jenny Leung reports:
What difference would it make if people learnt to be leaders at the beginning rather than the end of their careers? Mary Lean finds out.
Karen Elliott Greisdorf examines the role of mentoring in youth and job-training in the USA
Over the last seven years, hundreds of young people have taken part in courses on the values which undergird true freedom, run by MRA's Foundations for Freedom programme. Anna Christine Christensen from Denmark first took part in 1994. She caught up with participants new and old at the first of this summer's conferences in Caux, Switzerland.
Kenneth Noble visits a scheme, inspired by the Prince of Wales, that is helping young British people find a sense of purpose in life.
‘The best time of our lives' was how young participants described a six-week training course: `Equipping oneself for a lifetime'. The course was held this spring at Moral Re-Armament's Asia Plateau centre in the spectacular scenery of India's Western Ghats mountain range.
If talking was a commodity, Africa would not have any problem,' quipped Gary Magadzire, President of the Zimbabwe National Farmers Union.