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Healing history
As Hong Kong returns to China, James Hore-Ruthven offers a British perspective.
Do Canada's aboriginal people hold the key to national unity? Keith Newman examines a controversial report which calls for a new relationship between First Nations and settlers and describes efforts to bring about healing.
As Hong Kong returns to China, she has more than business acumen to offer, maintains Leung Siu-Wai.
This article is based on a message sent by Burmese democratic campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi to an MRA conference in India marking 50 years of India's independence.
Gerald Pillay assesses one country's bold-and controversial-bid to come to terms with its past.
Caux's history made it the ideal place for a high-level symposium on reconciliation. Mary Lean reports.
After 50 years of Independence, Rajmohan Gandhi reconsiders his grandfather's widsom - opening up a source of hope for further healing with Britain, and within the divisions of the whole sub-contintent.
Anthony Duigan from Johannesburg gives his impressions of a conference that aimed to bring healing in South Africa.
Troubled by the Irish question, English doctor John Lester feels the need for a clinical examination of his own attitudes:

After two days, I saw that it was not enough to read history in books: I had to accept that I was part of it, and identify with the pain and joy of all human beings. I felt much more at peace after that.