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Why are the men returning to a small, impoverished town in Mexico? Andrea Cabrera Luna finds out.
Michael Smith reports a farmers’ dialogue on tackling poverty
As you reach out for a jar of coffee in the supermarket, you can give a hand to the people who grew the beans, discovers Mary Lean.
Since we last wrote about Walkerswood, Jamaica, in 1994, its cottage industry has burgeoned into a company with a £2 million turnover. Mary Lean reports, and (below) visits its London showcase, Bamboula restaurant in Brixton.
Current farming controversies give food for thought to Joanna Grigg, a New Zealand hill-country farmer.
Alan Brockman's hope for the 21st century is no less than a revolution in world farming, which will see organic farming coming into its own.
John Bocock is a dairy and grain farmer in the Canadian prairies to the north of Edmonton, Alberta.
Thousands of years ago, some of the earth's peoples developed societies which poured forth, displacing other peoples. Bryan Hamlin discovers that their success had more to do with beans than with brains.
Grim realism has replaced the euphoria of 1991 in Ukraine, as in most countries of the former Soviet Union. On a recent visit to Ukraine, Mike Lowe discovered that democracy must start at the grassroots
A walk with Ove Jensen on his farm in Trossnas, Sweden, will convince you that Swedish farmers are among the most efficient in the world. Encouraged to make the most of the country's harsh climate by Sweden's system of food subsidies, Swedish farms bristle with the latest technology. But Jensen's commitment to producing food doesn't stop at Sweden's borders.