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Do Canada's aboriginal people hold the key to national unity? Keith Newman examines a controversial report which calls for a new relationship between First Nations and settlers and describes efforts to bring about healing.
Native American journalist Gordon Regguinti believes the media has an important role to play in community relations.
Over the last two decades the Maori people of New Zealand have found new confidence through a movement which runs 'language nests' for pre-school children. Mary Lean visited the headquarters of the Kohanga Reo Trust in Wellington to discover what has happened since we last covered the story in May 1991.
Through no fault of its authors, Survival in our own land overran its publication deadline. But when it appeared last year it was a historic event in itself - and an immediate best-seller.
A burly cleric in full regalia, who can be seen moving from group to group across the vast field, is approached by a TV technician. Major technical troubles, he says. The national telecast is threatened: will Canon pray?
Perhaps the world's people will begin to fully understand their connection to all of Creation when Native Americans are included in world forums.
There is a small but not insignificant tree newly planted in a garden in the Alpine region of northern Victoria, Australia.
The silence was almost tangible. It hung over a stony hillside scarred by the skeletons of mulga trees, a landscape stilled as if in reverence for the sacred carvings etched in the sheer red faces of the gorge.
Since he left school and home as a 14-year-old, Reg Blow has tried most things: railway construction, truck driving, boxing, fruit picking, share farming, to name a few.