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Love is the drive that makes us take action for personal and social change.
Film-maker Alan Channer describes the journey that has led him to make 'The Cross and the Bodhi Tree', a film about Christian encounters with Buddhism.
Jehan Perera works with civic organizations and through the media in Sri Lanka to promote peace and human rights.
Alan Channer meets Fran├žois Ponchaud, the Catholic priest who brought the Cambodian genocide to the attention of the world.
The question facing Cambodia today is: How do you deal with the remnants of a regime which turned the country into the killing fields and now says 'We have defected'?
Last year the Cambodian government offered an amnesty to Ieng Sary, the leader of a faction of the Khmer Rouge. The issue raised great controversy. We reprint an abridged version of an article in the 'Phnom Penh Post' by the director of Cambodia's Institute of Human Rights, Kassie Neou.
My wife and I were back in the area and often met little groups of Tibetan refugees, straggling down through the Himalayan foothills, offering to sell their few possessions for Indian rupees. It was then I began to fear that the world might be losing a precious culture.