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Dr Omnia Marzouk, a physician based in the UK, talks about her spiritual journey to a multifaith, multicultural group. Though speaking as a Muslim, hers are experiences with which anyone can identify.
Shamsul Akmar from Malaysia reviews a new documentary film on Muslim-Christian relations
Leading Muslim-Australian commentator, Waleed Aly, speaks about the challenges of overcoming our egocentricity if we are to build good relationships.
The Chairman of the Islamic Council of Norway, the Imams of Oslo's three biggest mosques and other leaders of the Muslim community came for dinner in the IofC centre in Oslo to meet Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid from Great Britain.
Egyptian professor Nasr Abu-Zayd speaks up for Islam’s respect for the rational.
Hennie de Pous reads a controversial report on Islam, and concludes that its critics were missing the point.
We all need to step out of our respective intellectual ghettos and say, ‘I am open-minded’, according to Professor Tariq Ramadan.
Racial and cultural intolerance burst onto Sydney's beaches and streets last December. But that is not the whole story, writes David Mills.
Rajmohan Gandhi warns against the poisonous wind which targets people for being born Muslim, American or Jew.
As Turkey, straddling Europe and Asia, seeks to join the European Union, Cigdem Leblebici reflects on the momentum for change in her country.