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John Lester gives a Christian perspective on marriage.
Catholic, Jew and Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Confucianist all find they can change where needed and travel along the good road together.
Racial and cultural intolerance burst onto Sydney's beaches and streets last December. But that is not the whole story, writes David Mills.
Philip Boobbyer discusses two books which challenge the secularism of modern Europe
Rajmohan Gandhi warns against the poisonous wind which targets people for being born Muslim, American or Jew.
‘The Lebanese people have been making peace with themselves,’ Muhieddine Chehab, Mayor of the business district of Beirut, told The Washington Post.
John Paul II could capture anyone, and millions, not only by what he said but also by the way he was able to listen.
For five years Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili and his church had been the focus of attacks led by a defrocked Orthodox priest.
As a Christian married to a Muslim, Lorraine Khan finds inspiration in the books and life of Charis Waddy.
Easter in Russia introduces Mary Lean to the resilience of faith and the power of grandmothers.

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