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Since we last wrote about Walkerswood, Jamaica, in 1994, its cottage industry has burgeoned into a company with a £2 million turnover. Mary Lean reports, and (below) visits its London showcase, Bamboula restaurant in Brixton.
Martin Henry is a communications consultant and a lecturer in Communication at the University of Technology, Jamaica.
After years of decay, Jamaica's capital city has begun to see its heart restored. Martin ED Henry meets a man who has devoted the last 12 years to this challenging task.
Jamaican trade union leader Eddie Bailey is not afraid to stand up for what he believes - although it nearly cost him his life.
He tells his story to Martin Henry.
Jamaican social worker Carole-Gene Denham constantly has to deal with her country's problems. But she believes that nobody needs to remain a victim. She talks to Judith 'Robo Ukoko.
Walkerswood, Mitchell's village, has become for many Jamaicans synonymous with development as it should be - communitybased and as self-reliant as possible, minimizing government intervention and reducing `internal' migration to the cities.