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Phil Evans exposes the scandal of international price cartels.
How can enterprises better serve the wider community? David Erdal has a radical solution, reports Michael Smith.
During the summer conferences in Caux prominent figures delivered a weekly series of public lectures. Some are mentioned elsewhere in this issue but here we report four of them.
On a recent trip to Lviv, Ukraine, I stayed in a hotel just across the street from an Internet cafe. Also close was a McDonald's. But the café and McDonald's had more than proximity in common.
Globalization has become the defining issue for the new century, and big business is not unaware of its social, ethical and global responsibilities.
Michael Smith meets the man behind an international move to outlaw bribery
Sophia Swire gave up a high-flying career in the City of London for the sake of illiterate children in Asia. She tells Michael Smith why:
Michael Smith reports on an initiative to create jobs in one of Britain's unemployment blackspots:
Why does Herefordshire farmer Chris Evans organize a conference on ethics in business and industry half way up a Swiss mountain each year? The most tangible and obvious reason was summed up well by the first speaker at this year's Caux Conference for Business and Industry (CCBI).
Jacky Brandt is 'not like other bosses'.