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The Chairman of the Islamic Council of Norway, the Imams of Oslo's three biggest mosques and other leaders of the Muslim community came for dinner in the IofC centre in Oslo to meet Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid from Great Britain.
Einar Engebretsen drove his teachers to despair. 30 years later he discovered why.
When Norwegian doctor Sturla Johnson discovered that bribery was tax deductible, he felt he had to do something.
Six members of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), one of President Walesa's Secretaries of State and local leaders from Gdansk, Lodz and Kielce were among those attending a seminar in Oslo on the theme `moral and spiritual foundations of democracy and the structures that make it work' earlier this summer.
Bjorn-Ole Austad investigates a Norwegian environmentalist who travelled as far as Samoa in search of: A life without walls
The Norwegians wanted help in rediscovering the true value of freedom in their own society as well as to give support to the Polish nation.
You will see a wall filled with light and colour, the pattern resolving into the vast hand of God giving to humanity the gift of himself.