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Jose Carlos Leon Vargas was in Ukraine during the ‘Orange Revolution’ in December. What he saw got him thinking.
There can be no foreign city closer to the heart of a Russian than Kiev. The two countries’ history is so intertwined that events in one have a deep impact in the other.
French photojournalist Isabelle Merminod visited Belarus to meet victims of the Chernobyl disaster who were not born when it took place.
Questioning one’s ability to stay neutral, not knowing exactly the right thing to do next, feeling powerless to change the way things are—who amongst us in the field of peacemaking and conflict resolution has not had similar thoughts and experiences?
Few countries have seen more changes in the last century than Russia. Anastasia Stepanova traces its history through the lives of three generations.
Grim realism has replaced the euphoria of 1991 in Ukraine, as in most countries of the former Soviet Union. On a recent visit to Ukraine, Mike Lowe discovered that democracy must start at the grassroots