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Worried about the world your children will inherit? So were Laurent and Marie-Hélène de Cherisey.
Lasting unity and good relations in an expanding Europe depend on us learning both to cherish our own characteristics and to appreciate the positive differences in others.
No wonder that an inter-national team has convened in Paris around a few concerned citizens working for an end to civil war in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, the so-called ‘Great Lakes’ region of Africa.
The author was not some foreign critic but Clyde Prestowitz, a US trade negotiator in the Reagan administration.
Anastasia Stepanova joins young Europeans on a journey to learn of the vision that led to the European Union
French businessman Jean Fayet has never jibbed at taking risks. He talks to Michael Smith about conscience, cars and the economic crisis in Asia:
Caux's history made it the ideal place for a high-level symposium on reconciliation. Mary Lean reports.
Jean-Jacques Odier offers a French perspective on an international movement to save the family.
Andrew Stallybrass meets the mime artist, Michel Orphelin, who has spent the last ten years portraying St Francis on stage.
Jean Vanier heard the `silent cry' of two men with mental handicaps and found himself living in the first of the L'Arche communities. He talks to Christiane Mallet-Watteville.