Number 01/2007
Souad Massi - Mesk Elil (honeysuckle)
15 February 2007

This is world music at its best and for, people used to Western and pop music, a great introduction to the soundscapes of North Africa.

Souad Massi is a beautiful Algerian singer who looks and sounds like an angel. Her accoustic-guitar based music combines influences from Western pop, jazz, French-style balads, African rhythms and even Indian classical. Coming from the Berber minority in Algeria, her intense humanity compelled her to take a political stance in the conflict between an authoritarian government and the Islamic militants. After receiving death threats she moved to Paris in 1999.

Mesk Elil is her third album and benefits from collaboration with other world-music luminaries such as Daby Touré as well as great production from Jean Lamoot. Pure joy to listen to, tap your feet and hum along. Might even inspire you to learn Arabic!

If you have problems finding it in the shops, head over to where you can sample the music and buy MP3 downloads

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