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Race relations
How would you respond to your daughter's murder? Peter and Linda Biehl have found new meaning in life by helping to heal the wounds of the community where she was killed. They talk to Helena Kingwill.
Lawrence Fearon describes himself as a 'graduate of the streets'. He examines the issues behind social exclusion--and possible solutions.
Chris Landsberg teaches South African and African Foreign Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, and is Hamburg Visiting Fellow at the Centre for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University, USA
As Australia prepares to stage the Olympics, John Williams offers a personal sketch of a fortunate country with huge questions before it.
Ordinary people have chosen to know and 'own' the shameful side of Australia's history.
Paige Chargois travelled to West Africa for a meeting between the descendants of those who bought and sold Africans and the descendants of those they shipped to the Americas.
Sir Conrad Hunte, the West Indian international cricketer, died in December. TC 'Dickie' Dodds, himself a former professional cricketer, pays tribute to a man who will be remembered for his contribution to human relations as much as for his sporting prowess.
What has made Middelburg and its neighbouring city Witbank the fastest growing towns in South Africa?
For a century African slaves were landed on the James River in Richmond, Virginia, marched across a bridge in the dead of night, and sold at the slave auctions next day. In June last year hundreds walked the same route, at night, seeking to understand the roots of racial divisions still troubling their city.
The Government of New Zealand has taken the unheard of step of apologizing to the Maori people--and beginning to redress their grievances. The architect of this process, Attorney General Sir Douglas Graham, spoke at the Agenda for Reconciliation conference in Caux in August. Mary Lean met him afterwards.