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Faustina Starrett is Coordinator of Media Programmes at the North West Institute of Further and Higher Education in Derry, Northern Ireland.
Choice Okoro attends a symposium in Ottawa on the responsibilities of artists and writers as champions of human rights
Dr Franklin Sonn is South Africa's Ambassador to the United States. This article is based on a talk he gave to a reunion of the Caux Scholars Programme in Washington, DC.
As violence rocked the peace process in Northern Ireland in February, an inter-communal group from another conflict zone, Sri Lanka, addressed a forum arranged by For a Change in London. The scale of carnage in Sri Lanka's civil war between Tamil separatists and the Sinhalese majority is far higher than that in Northern Ireland.
When the very survival of the largest British motor car company was in doubt-and with it many thousands of jobs-help came from some unexpected people. One was an engineer worker named Malcolm Jack. He tells his story to Kenneth Noble.