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How would you respond to your daughter's murder? Peter and Linda Biehl have found new meaning in life by helping to heal the wounds of the community where she was killed. They talk to Helena Kingwill.
Faustina Starrett is Coordinator of Media Programmes at the North West Institute of Further and Higher Education in Derry, Northern Ireland.
The question facing Cambodia today is: How do you deal with the remnants of a regime which turned the country into the killing fields and now says 'We have defected'?
It's time for Britain to take a long hard look at herself writes Hugh Williams.
British politician Frank Field talks to Mary Lean about gun control, sleaze and the moral force of the welfare state.
Last year the Cambodian government offered an amnesty to Ieng Sary, the leader of a faction of the Khmer Rouge. The issue raised great controversy. We reprint an abridged version of an article in the 'Phnom Penh Post' by the director of Cambodia's Institute of Human Rights, Kassie Neou.
Gerald Pillay assesses one country's bold-and controversial-bid to come to terms with its past.
Possibly Australia's most unconventional priest, John Smith is increasingly taking his message to his country's centres of power. He and his wife, Glena, talk to John Bond.
Jamaican trade union leader Eddie Bailey is not afraid to stand up for what he believes - although it nearly cost him his life.
He tells his story to Martin Henry.
After 50 years of Independence, Rajmohan Gandhi reconsiders his grandfather's widsom - opening up a source of hope for further healing with Britain, and within the divisions of the whole sub-contintent.