Her father, pioneer farmer Gray Leakey, was buried alive with satanic rites by a Mau Mau gang on the slopes of Mount Kenya.
01 November 1990
Reviewed by Charis Waddy, author of `The Muslim Mind'.
01 February 1990
The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland Edited by RF Foster Oxford University PressDr Roddy Evans
01 February 1990
Gandhi has provided a splendid tour de force of aspects of Muslim, mainly political, thinking during a crucial period of the sub-continent's history.
01 August 1988
Garth Lean's biography of Frank Buchman (1878 - 1961) is an extraordinary achievement. One marvels, for one thing, at the breadth of research that has been undertaken and at the wealth of facts and details now neatly marshalled in the book's 45 chapters, narrated in crisp, precise language.
01 May 1988